CRG Predictive Intelligence

Market research that can be completed in a matter of days, not weeks or months, and generates better, more accurate results.

Find Out How

Quantify Trends

Guessing which trends and customer needs will grow? CRG PI helps you predict timing, sizing, impact, and the "whys" to stay ahead.

Assess Market Potential

Understand the potential of early-stage ideas and concepts to determine where to invest.

Agile Market Optimization

Optimize later stream ideas, refine messaging, benefits, packaging design, and product line-up.

What kinds of predictions can you make?

CRG PI, our software platform that powers prediction market research, allows you to create predictions around all of the following:


✔ Trend Timing: When will it reach critical mass?

✔ Trends & Jobs: Out-year needs, demand, and penetration.

✔ Brand Growth: Projecting emerging or mature growth trajectories.

✔ Consumer Behavior: Magnitude and timing of future behavior​.

... and the reasons why to all of the above!


✔ Disruptive Innovation: Which ideas demonstrate the greatest potential​.

✔ Feature Identification: Best mix of features and benefits to drive purchase.​

✔ Product Line Optimization: Determine ideal mix of products to gain max reach​.

✔ Messaging and Creative Testing: Marketing communications that motivate action​.

... and the reasons why to all of the above!

Why Prediction Markets?

Prediction Markets are an alternative to traditional survey methods, challenging participants to bet virtual currency on how a targeted audience will react to ideas and events, and not just limited to their personal preferences.

More Accurate

Prediction markets are built on a foundation of behavioral science and rely on individuals placing bets on the likelihood of other people's behavior rather than their own (which humans are way better at).


Reduce Response Bias

CRG PI, our prediction market research software platform, captures judgment on how a target audience will behave through betting on outcomes in a gaming environment rather than asking for personal opinion in a survey which reduces the impact of rational response bias.

Qualitative and Quantitative

Participants must justify investments with qualitative rationale. This rich qualitative information often reveals unknowns and helps with idea refinement.


"Rethinking launch strategy."

The fact that an unexpected concept performed so strongly made us rethink our launch strategy and reorder the priority of our concept development.

Senior Brand Manager, Starbucks

Comparing Prediction Markets

What makes prediction markets better than traditional survey methods? Take a look at a head-to-head comparison of both approaches to understand what makes prediction market research so powerful.

Prediction Markets

Have confidence in your findings, and get results efficiently.

Uses a validated behavior-based algorithm that predicts outcomes rather than opinion.

Leverages “crowd” judgment by incorporating individual preferences and tacit knowledge. (e.g. Will millennials definitely buy this product?)

Delivers results in 3-5X the speed of traditional methods.

Participants self select topics where they have sufficient knowledge to make a judgement.

Measures emotion and confidence with token allocation, allowing for identification of niche and breakthrough ideas.

Utilizes gamification for a more engaging experience.

Participants are rewarded based on performance, not just participation, giving them "skin in the game."

Participant investments, or bets, are justified with qualitative rationale.

Traditional Methodologies

Findings can be less conclusive or accurate, and take longer to obtain.

✘ Traditional survey foundation measures opinions and projects them to a population.

✘ Measures a first-person willingness to buy a product. (e.g. Will you buy this product?)

✘ Respondents answer all questions linearly regardless of emotion or confidence.

✘ Niche and truly disruptive ideas score lower than line extensions, and therefore fall short on scalar metrics.

✘ Lack of differentiation within the top scoring ideas make prioritization difficult.

✘ Forcing a choice can artificially inflate differences between ideas.

✘ Need for higher sample sizes and monadic execution drives up costs.

"We love the Prediction Market methodology."

We love the Prediction Market methodology and think it’s “cool” how you incorporate the token system and ask people to predict how others would react instead of themselves. We’re really excited about the results!

Associate Brand Manager, Campbell Soup Company

More Engaging

Participants say CRG PI is a more engaging research experience and they appreciate being rewarded for their performance and not just participation.

Why does this matter? Because it results in better data from active players with skin in the game.


Trusted Results

Prediction markets are the best method to confirm unmet, unknown, and unspoken needs of consumers and our proven prediction market algorithm has a 90% accuracy rate.

CRG PI is built to give you all of the following:

Faster Decisions

Increase your speed in selecting ideas and determining which concepts are most desired by the market.

Lower Costs

Significantly reduce concept and ideation screening costs when comparing against traditional methods.

Clearer Decisions

Get clearer differentiation among ideas, making strategic decisions more obvious.

Better Engagement

See more engagement amongst respondents than traditional research methods

Trustworthy Results

The platform is built on a foundation of behavioral science and validated prediction metrics.

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"Nothing short of fantastic."

The entire process from beginning to end was nothing short of fantastic.

Marketing Manager at a CPG Company

Prediction Market FAQS

Read some of the most common questions we get asked about prediction market research.

When do I need prediction market research?

If you find yourself saying any of the following, you are a great fit for prediction market research:

  • Customers want to give an honest answer, but in my category it’s hard. I need a method that gets to the truth!
  • Survey techniques force respondents to predict their own behavior. I need a method that captures real differences!
  • My survey data gave me the WHAT but I could really use more WHY! I need a method with richer qualitative!
  • Traditional methods don’t give niche or breakthrough ideas a fair shot. I need a method that measures fair potential!

What questions can prediction market research answer?

Prediction markets are especially valuable in all of the cases:

  • New product concept testing

  • Product line optimization (TURF)

  • Evaluation of positioning statements

  • Claims testing

  • Package evaluation

  • Creative testing (all media types)

  • New trend identification

  • Market sizing


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