See the Future (Fast!) with Predictive Surveys

Benefit from the best of predictive research techniques, while relying on the familiarity of a survey-based approach.

With CRG Predictive Intelligence’s predictive survey research solution, you can leverage over a decade of validation to accurately project consumer preferences and behavior, even for the most disruptive innovations and niche ideas.

What is a predictive survey?

A predictive survey is a market research methodology that provides participants with context and topical knowledge, then asks them to make their best predictions about how they think consumers will react to a product, idea, or message being tested. Questions are designed and optimized specifically to minimize over-claim and rational response bias, delivering more accurate results and deeper foresight into the likelihood that a particular product, idea, or message will succeed in the target market. 

Predictive surveys are a great option for companies looking for a prediction-based alternative to traditional survey methods but who are not ready to make the leap to a prediction market.

The benefits of using a predictive survey over traditional methods in market research

Predictive surveys deliver a number of important benefits for insights professionals looking to see the future, fast.

Fast results


Traditional survey timelines can present a significant bottleneck in the product or idea development process. Predictive survey results can be delivered in under 72 hours, so you can fail fast on the ideas that don’t work, and accelerate the development of those that do with full confidence that you’re backing a winner.

Reduced bias


CRG has spent over a decade developing a predictive research approach optimized to reduce over-claim and response bias. By providing participants with high degrees of context and topical knowledge, and by asking them to predict how they think others will behave (which humans are much better at), predictive surveys reduce bias for more accurate results.

Proven accuracy


CRG Predictive Intelligence’s predictive survey solution has been validated over the course of more than 10 years. Power your strategic decision-making with the confidence of proven 90% in-market accuracy.


Flexible, agile, and cost-effective


CRG Predictive Intelligence’s predictive survey solution is scalable, tailorable, and quick to deploy. Get the results you need, in time and on budget.

"Rethinking launch strategy."

The fact that an unexpected concept performed so strongly made us rethink our launch strategy and reorder the priority of our concept development.

Senior Brand Manager, Starbucks

What makes CRG Predictive Intelligence the #1 choice for crafting predictive surveys?

Over a decade of experience, proven validation and industry-leading expertise are yours to leverage with CRG Predictive Intelligence’s predictive survey solution. 

72 hours
Get results in 72 hours (without breaking the bank)
CRG Predictive Intelligence’s predictive survey solution is far faster and significantly more cost-effective than traditional market research methodologies. 
Qualitative AND quantitative data
We’re right 90% of the time (and we can prove it)


Predictions are inevitably proven true or false in time. Over the last decade, post-launch research has proven our predictive survey methodology has a validated accuracy rate of 90%, 3 years out and beyond, which means the ideas that win in your survey are likely to win in the market, too.

Uncover Hidden Gems
Uncover hidden gems


Truly disruptive innovations and niche ideas tend to rank poorly in traditional surveys. Predictive surveys are much better at visualizing winning outlier ideas for breakthrough in-market performance. Never miss a hidden gem again.

Get the answers you need in days, not weeks, with
CRG Predictive Intelligence’s predictive surveys


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Frequently asked questions about predictive surveys

Do I get help from CRG Predictive Intelligence when creating predictive survey questions?


Absolutely. Our expert team will work closely with you to craft a predictive survey that gets you the answers you need, with as high a level of accuracy as possible. Depending on your unique needs and objectives, this may involve crafting original predictive survey questions or drawing on our existing bank of validated questions. 

What types of research work well with a predictive survey?


Predictive surveys can be used to test almost anything, but they’re most commonly used for:

Concept testing
Idea screening
Package testing
Creative testing
Shopper insights
Trend prediction

What are the steps involved in setting up a predictive survey with CRG Predictive Intelligence?


1. You get in touch and request a proposal.

2. We set up a discovery call with you to identify which decisions need to be made, and what your business objectives are. 

3. We return a proposal, including the recommended questions, sample source/specifications, and the relevant deliverables. 

4. Your survey is programmed into the survey platform and enters the field for 2-7 days, depending on survey requirements.

5. Once the field is closed, you’ll receive topline data the next day, and the full report two days later.