Validate and Screen Ideas with Your Ideal Target Audience

Accurately identify winning ideas with advanced idea screening.

CRG Predictive Intelligence’s idea screening solution uses a validated behavior-based algorithm to help brands and agencies find winning ideas with proven 90% accuracy.

What is idea screening?

Idea screening is an early phase of the innovation or new product development lifecycle in which idea sets are tested within an ideal target market to determine which are most likely to succeed. The objective of idea screening is to narrow the development pipeline early so that resources can be directed toward likely winners. Through idea screening, stakeholders can make data-backed decisions regarding which ideas should move forward to full development, and which should be refined or discarded.

The benefits of screening ideas to understand their potential

Idea screening delivers a host of important benefits for companies looking to make clear, correct decisions in the early stages of the development lifecycle.

Reduce risk


Screening ideas early mitigates the risks associated with new product development by ensuring that resources are invested in ideas that are likely to deliver a positive ROI.

Decide with confidence


With the right idea screening tool, every decision you make is validated and backed by sound data. 

Understand market fit


By screening ideas within your ideal target market, you can gain a clear understanding of their needs and preferences, as well as their appetite for the potential product or service under consideration.


Save time


Idea screening saves time by preventing unnecessary resource investment in ideas that are likely to fail later on in the pipeline.

Fail fast


Idea screening allows you to fail fast on ideas that do not test as well, helping you avoid sunk costs and further investment in dead-ends. 

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"Rethinking launch strategy."

The fact that an unexpected concept performed so strongly made us rethink our launch strategy and reorder the priority of our concept development.

Senior Brand Manager, Starbucks

Why trust CRG Predictive Intelligence for idea screening?

CRG Predictive Intelligence’s predictive market research solution is powered by HUUNU, the premier predictive intelligence platform since 2006. 

Purpose built
Prediction market methodology for rich, accurate insights
The HUUNU platform screens potential ideas in a prediction market, in which research participants are challenged to bet virtual currency on how they think others will respond to ideas, products, or events in areas in which they are already knowledgeable. How much they bet tells us how sure they are. How fast they bet tells us how they feel about their choice. The result is an informed, contextualized prediction that draws on participants’ tacit knowledge, delivering richer, more accurate answers and reducing rational response bias.
We’re right 90% of the time (and we can prove it)
We’re right 90% of the time (and we can prove it)


Predictions are inevitably proven true or false in time. Over the last decade, post-launch research has proven our prediction market algorithm has a validated accuracy rate of 90%, 3 years out and beyond, which means the ideas that win in your screening are likely to win in the market, too.

Get results in days, not months, at a fraction of the price
Get results in days, not months, at a fraction of the price


CRG Predictive Intelligence’s idea screening solution is far faster and significantly more cost-effective than traditional market research methodologies. 

Uncover hidden gems
Uncover hidden gems


Truly innovative ideas often score poorly in traditional market research methodologies. CRG Predictive Intelligence’s idea screening tool visualizes niche winners and hidden barriers that traditional methodologies miss by measuring the likelihood of each possible outcome, rather than forcing an “either/or” decision.


Results are delivered in days, not weeks or months.

Find out which ideas resonate, and WHY


The HUNUU platform is designed to extract deep qualitative insights from your target market. Participants are asked to justify their bets with a qualitative rationale for every question they answer, providing a wealth of insights invisible to quant-only methodologies. 

Make the right call, even when it’s really (really) close
Make the right call, even when it’s really (really) close


The quality of the data the HUUNU platform provides is granular enough to make even the closest calls obvious calls.

Make every call the right call with CRG Predictive Intelligence.


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Frequently asked questions about idea screening

What are the steps involved in idea screening with CRG Predictive Intelligence?


  • Get in touch and request a proposal.

  • We set up a discovery call with you to identify which decisions need to be made, and what your business objectives are.

  • We return a proposal, including the recommended questions, sample source/specifications, and the relevant deliverables.

  • Your questionnaire is programmed into the survey platform and enters the field for 2-7 days, depending on survey requirements.

  • Once the field is closed, you’ll receive topline data the next day, and the full report two days later.

Why is idea screening important?


Accurate idea screening is an important part of a successful product development lifecycle, as it mitigates risks, saves costs, and maximizes your chances of a positive ROI post-launch.

With the right idea screening tool, you can determine which ideas are most likely to succeed, and then direct your resources toward bringing them to market. Idea screening can also be used to validate ideas so that you can move them to the next stage of development confident that you have prioritized them correctly.

What is an example of idea screening?


Idea screening is used to narrow down the product development pipeline. For example: you’re a potato chip manufacturer, and you need to launch a new variant. Your R&D team comes up with 20 new potential flavor ideas. To bring all 20 to full production in order to carry out product testing is going to be a time- and cost-intensive process. You would use idea screening to identify which flavors test best within your ideal target market straight away, and by the end of the process, you will have identified the five flavor ideas that show the most potential. These five flavors can now be progressed in the development pipeline, ready for further testing.