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Test and validate consumer products with the world’s leading predictive intelligence platform

With CRG Predictive Intelligence’s product testing approach, you can leverage decades of CRG Global’s sensory expertise and our specialization in predictive intelligence to predict product performance and adoption rates with proven 90% accuracy.

What is predictive product testing?

Predictive product testing is a form of market research that aims to ensure the quality, usability, and market readiness of products.


The main categories for product testing are:


  • New product development/New product launch
  • Product Optimization
  • Product reformulation/Cost Savings

By conducting product testing, you can optimize your product to maximize performance in-market through critical insights into how your product is likely to be received by your target audience. 

The benefits of assessing the viability of your product

CRG’s product testing solutions deliver a number of important benefits for companies and insights professionals looking to assess the viability of a new or reformulated product.

Determine product market fit


Product testing delivers key insights into how your product is perceived by your target audience, allowing you to determine both demand and product appeal within a target market. 

Identify potential flaws or challenges


CRG’s product testing solutions are designed to extract granular feedback from your target audience on the product in question, helping you identify potential flaws in the product offering or challenges that may arise when bringing your product to market. 

Optimize your launch strategy


By harnessing the collective wisdom of your target audience on a number of key measures, you can optimize and refine your launch strategy for maximum impact, increasing your chances of a successful market entry.

Product Optimization and Reformulation


By harnessing the collective wisdom of your target audience on a number of key measures, you can optimize an existing product or test a more cost-effective reformulation for maximum impact, increasing your chances of success.


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"Rethinking launch strategy."

The fact that an unexpected concept performed so strongly made us rethink our launch strategy and reorder the priority of our concept development.

Senior Brand Manager, Starbucks

What makes CRG the #1 choice for predictive product and sensory testing?

Decades of experience, proven validation and industry-leading expertise are yours to leverage with CRG Global’s product and sensory testing solution. 

AI Tools
Leverage an industry-leading predictive research methodology
CRG’s HUUNU platform deploys a prediction market methodology and a validated behavior-based algorithm to predict the likelihood of a product’s success. In an engaging betting game environment, participants are challenged to bet virtual currency on how they believe a targeted audience will react to a new or optimized product. Because participants are asked to judge how they believe others will behave, this methodology significantly reduces rational response bias, delivering results that more accurately reflect how a product will perform in the real world.
Decide with Confidence
Decide with confidence


CRG’s predictive product testing solutions deliver both high-quality quantitative and qualitative data, giving you the insights you need to make the right call, every call, with total confidence. 

Crystal clear picture
We’re right 90% of the time (and we can prove it)


Predictions are inevitably proven true or false in time. Over the last decade, research has proven that our predictive product testing methodology has a validated accuracy rate of 90%, which means you can be confident the products that win in your testing environment are likely to win in the market, too.

Product Testing
Access product testing expertise, in-home and beyond


Our cross-functional team of product testing specialists offers brands numerous ways to evaluate products, both in-home or via CRG Global’s extensive network of central location facilities. 

Test and validate product ideas with CRG Predictive Intelligence.


Get the answers you need in days, not weeks or months.




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Frequently asked questions about Predictive Product Testing

Why is product testing important?


Bringing a new product to market or reformulating an existing product involves a significant amount of business risk. To mitigate this risk, brands need insights into how the product is likely to perform. Product testing allows brands to identify and refine winning products while failing fast on those that are unlikely to appeal to consumers. This saves both time and money and helps ensure the strategic investment of capital into products likely to deliver a positive ROI.

What are the risks of not conducting product testing?


Without product testing, brands lack the data they need to make the right decisions about the products they choose to bring to market. Without insights into product viability or demand, the chances of in-market failure are far higher. Without product testing, you’re essentially flying blind.

What are some best practices for product testing?


Test early. Test often. Product testing should start early on in the product development lifecycle, to avoid wasting resources. A process of iterative improvement and retesting is recommended to ensure the final product is totally optimized and maximize its chance of success.

Include predictive intelligence. Predictive market research is highly effective at quantifying in-market success. 

Choose a trusted research partner. Your chosen product testing vendor should have the technology and expertise required to deliver comprehensive and, most importantly, accurate insights into the viability of your product.

What’s a Prediction Market and how can it be incorporated in product testing? 


Prediction Markets are a relatively new research method that captures the wisdom of a target audience or consumer segment by leveraging a proven, behavior-based predictive algorithm in a betting game environment. An alternative to traditional survey methods, Prediction Markets challenge participants to bet virtual currency on how a targeted audience or consumer segment will react to a new product or optimized product performance.