Optimize the Creative Development Process with Predictive Market Research

Test and refine your way to ad creative that works. CRG Predictive Intelligence’s ad testing solution deploys a validated prediction algorithm to test, refine, and optimize marketing communications and advertising creative, from initial concept to final ad. Assess ad performance, predict potential outcomes and gain actionable recommendations for improvement. 

What is creative and ad testing?


Creative and ad testing is a form of market research used to assess and optimize the efficacy and probable in-market performance of advertising elements or campaigns by testing them in a targeted consumer audience. Through ad testing tools, companies can extract insights that help to identify which advertising or creative work will be most effective in driving specific business objectives. 

The benefits of using predictive research to evaluate creative ideas and test ads

Whether you’re in the early concept stage or ready to test final ads, CRG Predictive Intelligence’s predictive research solution is purpose-built to help you develop and validate creative that works.

Build creative that delivers


From TV spots to print ads, digital and beyond, ad testing helps you isolate and optimize the ideas that will generate dividends and maximize your ROI.

Get results 5X faster


CRG Predictive Intelligence’s ad testing solution delivers industry-leading quality research five times faster than traditional methodologies.  

Decide with confidence


Whether you’re trying to sharpen creative direction or choose between two finished ads, access objective, validated data to inform your decision-making at every step of the creative development process. 


Get more bang for your ad buck


CRG Predictive Intelligence’s ad testing platform is significantly more cost-effective than traditional testing methodologies, meaning your budget stretches far further. 

Minimize risk


Validate concepts and creative territories early to minimize risk, optimize resource allocation and boost your likelihood of campaign success.

Actionable improvements


Creative not hitting as hard as it should? Get data-based, actionable qualitative recommendations for improvement to fail-proof your development process. 

Why trust CRG Predictive Intelligence for creative & ad testing?

CRG Predictive Intelligence’s predictive market research solution is powered by HUUNU, the premier predictive intelligence platform since 2006. 

Rich, accurate insights
Predictive research methodology delivers rich, accurate insights


Humans are much better at predicting how others will behave. The HUUNU platform tests ads and creatives in a prediction market, in which research participants are challenged to bet virtual currency on how they think others will respond to the work. How much they bet tells us how sure they are. How fast they bet tells us how they feel about their choice. The result is an informed, contextualized prediction that draws on participants’ tacit knowledge, delivering richer, more accurate answers and reducing rational response bias.



Measure & motivate
Measure and motivate for truly disruptive creative work


Truly disruptive ideas are often incorrectly represented by traditional market research methodologies. CRG Predictive Intelligence’s ad testing platform accommodates the identification of niche winners that traditional methodologies miss by measuring the likelihood of each possible outcome, rather than forcing an “either/or” decision.

Fast & flexible
Super fast, super flexible


CRG Predictive Intelligence’s creative and ad testing solution is scalable, customizable and significantly faster than traditional methodologies. Results are delivered in days, not weeks or months. 



We’re right 90% of the time (and we can prove it)


Predictions are inevitably proven true or false in time. Over the last decade, post-launch research has proven our prediction market algorithm has a validated accuracy rate of 90%, 3 years out and beyond.

Qual & quant
Qualitative AND quantitative insights


Participants are asked to justify their bets with a qualitative rationale for every question they answer, providing a wealth of insights invisible to quant-only methodologies. Find out not only which ad works best, but WHY.



The right call
Make the right call, even when it’s really (really) close


The quality of the data the HUUNU platform provides is granular enough to make even the closest calls obvious calls.

"Nothing short of fantastic."

The entire process from beginning to end was nothing short of fantastic.

Marketing Manager at a CPG Company

Optimize the Creative Development Process with CRG Predictive Intelligence.


Test and refine your way to resonant, effective creative that delivers the results you need. Reach out for a free demo today. We’ll show you how it works, no obligation.


Frequently asked questions about creative and ad testing

Why should I use predictive intelligence to test ads?


The predictive intelligence research methodology is able to deliver far more accurate results than traditional methodologies, much faster, and at a far lower price point. 

Predictive research calculates probable outcomes for each available option, arranged in tiered quintiles that correspond with a recommended action for clear decision-making. 

Results are quantified in real-time as a Prediction Likelihood Index (PLI), which is a living measure of the collective judgment of the sample audience. Because consumers in a prediction market are asked to place their bets on how they believe others will behave, they’re free to give the most honest answer, mitigating the effects of rational response bias and delivering data that more closely represents how the idea or ad will perform out in the real world.

How can I use predictive intelligence to optimize my ads?


A successful ad is comprised of a number of different elements that work together to create resonance among the target audience. Messaging, design, color palette, art direction, and concept all have an impact on the efficacy of the ad itself. Sometimes, tweaking only a few of these elements is enough to boost ad performance, but the trick is knowing exactly what to change to optimize creative work toward business objectives. 

Using dozens of validated questions, the predictive intelligence methodology is able to extract data to quantify the quality and value of an ad campaign relative to its objectives, suggesting actionable recommendations for improvement.

Predictive intelligence delivers deep insights into the efficacy mechanisms of an ad, helping you to refine your creative in a way that is likely to boost its in-market performance and maximize your ad budget ROI.

How quickly can I get responses?


CRG Predictive Intelligence delivers your first topline report the day after the field closes.